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Title: Technical Losses Evaluation due to Unbalanced Load in Distribution Transformers: The Covenant University Distribution Network Encounter
Author(s): Ademola A., Egbele O., Somefun T. E., Adewale A. A.
Pages: 1-7 Paper ID:191705-2001-8383-IJET-IJENS Published:February, 2020
Abstract: Past research efforts on various network reveal that the distribution segment of the power sector incurs a higher percentage of losses in the power systems. These losses can be attributed to technical losses in the distribution transformers and distribution power lines. This research work evaluates losses in distribution transformers due to overloading and low voltage encountered in most segment of the distribution network at Covenant University. Analysis of losses due to unbalanced loading of distribution transformers was carried out by taking readings from all the three phases of the 11-kV/0.415-kV distribution transformers for a period of four months (November, 2017 - February 2018) in order to have a justifiable assessment for a reliable power quality in Covenant University. The copper losses were calculated and compared with losses when the load on the transformer is evenly distributed. Results showed that the copper losses of transformers vary significantly based on the degree of balanced load. The losses due to unbalanced and balanced loading conditions of the distribution transformers are 5,420,050 units and 5,118,641.33 units respectively for the period under review. The result revealed a total of 5.89% net copper losses due to unbalanced loading condition of the distribution transformers. The areas of distribution network, starting with the substations with the highest recorded amount of transformer copper losses, were identified for phase-balancing.
Keywords: Distribution networks, losses, load unbalance, phase currents.
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