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Articles included from 2009-2017.

  • International Journal of Engineering & Technology IJET-IJENS IMPACT FACTOR = 1.136 [Year 2018]
  • International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences IJBAS-IJENS IMPACT FACTOR = 1.116 [Year 2018]
  • International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences IJECS-IJENS IMPACT FACTOR = 1.203 [Year 2018]
  • International Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering IJCEE-IJENS IMPACT FACTOR = 1.148 [Year 2018]
  • International Journal of Video&Image Processing&Network Security IJVIPNS-IJENS IMPACT FACTOR=1.997 [Year 2018]
  • International Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering IJMME-IJENS IMPACT FACTOR = 1.102 [Year 2018]

Also IJENS Journals so far not included in ISI Knowledge of Web Indexes and HEC Recognized Journals List.

IJET: International Journal of Engineering and Technology

A = 2560 = The number of times articles published in 2009-2018

B = 2252 = The total number of citable items published by that journal in 2009 - 2018.

IJET-IJENS 2015 IMPACT FACTOR = A/B = 2560/2252 = 1.136


Top 20 IJET Cited Articles

Cited By Year
Water quality monitoring system using zigbee based wireless sensor network 60 2009
Fixed-bed column study for Cu (II) removal from aqueous solutions using rice husk based activated carbon 57 2011
Remote monitoring in agricultural greenhouse using wireless sensor and short message service (SMS) 48 2009
A proposed test case generation technique based on activity diagrams 34 2011
Effect of preparation conditions of activated carbon prepared from rice husk by ZnCl2 activation for removal of Cu (II) from aqueous solution 33 2010
Mobile application and its global impact 28 2010
Pitch angle control of variable low rated speed wind turbine using fuzzy logic controller 25 2010
A comparitive study on silk dyeing with acid dye and reactive dye 23 2010
TQM practices & organizational performance: evidence from Pakistani SMEs 23 2010
Performance evaluation of bamboo reinforced concrete beam 22 2011
Phytochemical analysis and mineral elements composition of Ocimum basilicum obtained in JOS METROPOLIS, Plateau state Nigeria 21 2011
Adsorptive removal of Cu (II) using activated carbon prepared from rice husk by ZnCl 2 activation and subsequent gasification with CO 2 19 2009
Mechanical properties of kenaf/polyester composites 18 2011
Improved electrical conductivity of polyvinyl alcohol/multiwalled carbon nanotube nanofibre composite films with MnO2 as filler synthesised using the electrospinning process 18 2011
Isolation and identification of biolarvicide from soursop (Annona muricata Linn.) seeds to mosquito (Aedes aegypti) larvae 17 2012
Industrial pollution and implication on source of water supply in Kano, Nigeria 16 2010
Dielectric probe: A new electrical diagnostic tool for atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma jet 15 2011
Experimental and analytical investigation of flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beam 15 2011
Effects of pressure and temperature on well cement degradation by supercritical CO2 15 2010
Effect of differences core and cavity temperature on injection molded part and reducing the warpage by Taguchi method 15 2010
IJBAS: International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

A = 2000 = The number of times articles published in 2009-2018.

B = 1792 = The total number of citable items published by that journal in 2009-2018.

IJBAS-IJENS 2015 IMPACT FACTOR = A/B = 2000/1792 = 1.116


Top 20 IJBAS Cited Articles

Cited By Year
Website quality and consumer online purchase intention of air ticket 76 2009
Preparation of chitosan from shrimp shell and investigation of its properties 67 2011
Effect of experimental parameters on the morphology of electrospun Nylon 6 fibres 63 2010
On some stochastic fractional integro-differential equations 35 2006
Increasing biogas production rate from cattle manure using rumen fluid as inoculums 33 2014
Risk analysis method: FMEA/FMECA in the organizations 32 2011
Synthesis and characterization of Manganese doped ZnO nanoparticles 32 2011
Biodegradable polymers and their bone applications: a review 29 2012
Effects of polluted water irrigation on environment and health of people in Jamber, District Kasur, Pakistan 25 2010
Solving TSP problem by using genetic algorithm 21 2009
Adsorption equilibrium of malachite green dye onto rubber seed coat based activated carbon 20 2011
Study of water quality and heavy metals in soil & water of ex-mining area Bestari Jaya, peninsular Malaysia 20 2010
Effect of temperature on ceramic from rice husk ash 20 2009
Defining and measuring competitiveness: a comparative analysis of Turkey with 11 potential rivals 19 2012
Critical evaluation of dry spell research 17 2011
Progress in Business Intelligence System research: A literature Review 16 2011
Soil bacterial response to introduced metal stress 15 2011
Structural and magnetic characterizations of nano structured Ni0. 8Zn0. 2Fe2O4 prepared by self combustion method 15 2009
Pysicochemical properties and fatty acids profile of seed oil of Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F 14 2011
Using a complex transformation to get an exact solutions for fractional generalized coupled MKDV and KDV equations 13 2013
IJECS: International Journal of Electrical and Computer Sciences

A = 1155 = The number of times articles published in 2009-2018.

B = 960 = The total number of citable items published by that journal in 2009-2018.

IJECS-IJENS 2015 IMPACT FACTOR = A/B = 1155/960 = 1.203


Top 20 IJECS Cited Articles

Cited By Year
Information security management system standards: A comparative study of the big five 68 2011
Network routing protocol using Genetic Algorithms 45 2010
Development of a cell phone based remote control system: an effective switching system for controlling home and office appliances 31 2009
Efficient integrity checking technique for securing client data in cloud computing 27 2011
Automation of irrigation system using ANN based controller 23 2014
Best practices in E government: A review of some Innovative models proposed in different countries 22 2012
Low voltage ride through strategies for SCIG wind turbines interconnected grid 20 2011
An experimental comparative study on thyroid disease diagnosis based on feature subset selection and classification 18 2012
An Arabic web-based exam management system 18 2010
“Satellite Link Design: A Tutorial 17 2011
Arabic discourse segmentation based on rhetorical methods 17 2011
Advanced carrier based pulse width modulation in asymmetric cascaded multilevel inverter 17 2010
Optimized selection sort algorithm is faster than insertion sort algorithm: a comparative study 16 2011
Test case generation and test data extraction techniques 15 2011
Clipping based PAPR reduction method for LTE OFDMA systems 15 2010
Explicit rate-based congestion control for multimedia streaming over mobile ad hoc networks 15 2010
FPGA based implementation of baseline JPEG decoder 14 2009
Control the extension time of traffic light in single junction by using fuzzy logic 13 2010
I-Solframework: An Integrated Solution Framework Six Layers Assessment on Ultimedia Information Security Architecture Policy Compliance 12 2012
Performance evaluation of linear channel estimation algorithms for MIMO-OFDM in LTE-advanced 12 2011
IJCEE: International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

A = 1007 = The number of times articles published in 2009-2018.

B = 877 = The total number of citable items published by that journal in 2009-2018.

IJCEE-IJENS 2015 IMPACT FACTOR = A/B = 1007/877 = 1.148


Top 20 IJCEE Cited Articles

Cited By Year
Effect of nano-clay on mechanical properties and microstructure of ordinary Portland cement mortar 42 2010
Strength activity index and microstructural characteristics of treated palm oil fuel ash 29 2011
Comparison of acoustic emission activity in steel-reinforced and FRP-reinforced concrete beams 29 2000
Effect of elevated temperature on mechanical properties and microstructure of silica flour concrete 28 2010
Design with nature: windcatcher as a paradigm of natural ventilation device in buildings 25 2010
Framework for evaluating quality performance of contractors in Nigeria 22 2010
Evaluation of different conditions on the mixing bitumen and carbon nano-tubes 17 2012
Chloride-ion impermeability of self-compacting high volume of fly ash concrete mixes 16 2011
Geotechnical assessment of road failures in the Abakaliki area, southeastern Nigeria 15 2011
Selecting optimum locations of rainfall stations using kriging and entropy 14 2012
Formation of hydraulic jumps on corrugated beds 14 2010
Bending strength properties of glued laminated timber from selected Malaysian hardwood timber 13 2011
Particle swarm optimization feedforward neural network for hourly rainfall-runoff modeling in Bedup Basin, Malaysia 13 2010
Strength characteristic of geopolymer concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate 12 2011
Traditional Islamic-Arab house: vocabulary and syntax 11 2011
An experimental investigation on mechanical behavior of macro synthetic fiber reinforced concrete 11 2011
Strength and deformation characteristics of granular materials under extremely low to high confining pressures in triaxial compression 11 2011
Effect of graphite nodularity on mechanical properties of ductile iron for waterworks fittings and accessories 10 2010
Dilemma zone conflicts at isolated intersections controlled with fixed-time and vehicle actuated traffic signal systems 10 2010
Determination of tensile property of bamboo for using as potential reinforcement in the concrete 08 2011
IJVIPNS: International Journal of Video and Image Processing and Network Security

A = 905 = The number of times articles published in 2009-2018.

B = 453 = The total number of citable items published by that journal in 2009-2018.

IJVIPNS-IJENS 2015 IMPACT FACTOR = A/B = 905/453 = 1.997


Top 20 IJVIPNS Cited Articles

Cited By Year
A structural analysis of complex aerial photographs 371 2013
Efficiency analysis and security evaluation of image encryption schemes 49 2010
Feature level fusion of Palm veins and signature biometrics 23 2012
Automated oil palm fruit grading system using artificial intelligence 21 2011
Comparative study of authentication techniques 18 2010
Adaptive background subtraction in dynamic environments using fuzzy logic 17 2010
Enhancement of bone fracture image using filtering techniques 15 2009
MRI brain images segmentation based on optimized fuzzy logic and spatial information 13 2011
A Survey of botnet Technology and Detection 13 2010
Intelligent Adaptive Intrusion Detection Systems Using Neural Networks (Comparative study 12 2010
Novel colors correction approaches for natural scenes and skin detection techniques 11 2011
Development of algorithm tuberculosis bacteria identification using color segmentation and neural networks 10 2012
Pointing error in FSO link under different weather conditions 10 2012
Move & Select: 2-Layer CAPTCHA Based on Cognitive Psychology for Securing Web Services 08 2011
Automatic Ear Recognition System using Back Propagation Neural Network. 08 2011
Comparative study: The evaluation of shadow detection methods 08 2010
A blind wavelet-based digital watermarking for video 08 2009
Low Memory Set-Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees Image Compression Algorithm 07 2013
Medium access control protocol for Wireless Sensor Network–A survey 07 2011
Image retrieval using cubic splines neural networks 07 2009
IJMME: International Journal of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

A = 1007 = The number of times articles published in 2009-2018.

B = 913 = The total number of citable items published by that journal in 2009-2018.

IJMME-IJENS 2015 IMPACT FACTOR = A/B = 1007/913 = 1.102


Top 20 IJMME Cited Articles

Cited By Year
The effect of sliding speed and normal load on friction and wear property of aluminum 70 2011
Biodiesel from Jatropha oil as an alternative fuel for diesel engine 40 2010
Photogrammetric grading of oil palm fresh fruit bunches 26 2009
Experimental investigation of the dynamic characteristics of laminated composite beams 19 2010
Design, fabrication and experimental study of a novel two-axis sun tracker 17 2010
Finite element modeling of carbon nanotubes 14 2010
Grain refinement of Al–Si alloys by Nb–B inoculation. Part II: Application to commercial alloys 13 2015
Characterization of palm kernel shell powder for use in polymer matrix composites 12 2012
Mist application of cutting fluid 12 2010
Autonomous robots for agricultural tasks and farm assignment and future trends in agro robots 11 2013
Design and control of a multifingered anthropomorphic robotic hand 11 2011
Study on pressure distribution and load capacity of a journal bearing using finite element method and analytical method 11 2010
Influence of graphite and machining parameters on the surface roughness of Al-fly ash/graphite hybrid composite: a Taguchi approach 09 2013
Mechatronics Design of Small Electric Vehicles; Research and Education 09 2013
A robust nonlinear control approach for tip position tracking of flexible spacecraft 09 2011
Design, Simulation and Experimental of the Very Low Head Turbine with Minimum Pressure and FreeVortex Criterions 09 2011
Production of diesel fuel from used engine oil 09 2010
Implementation of total productive maintenance and overall equipment effectiveness evaluation 08 2013
Fuel adulteration in Nigeria and its consequences 08 2011
Temperature profile and thermocline thickness evaluation of a stratified thermal energy storage tank 08 2010




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